Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
It's free. The beauty of dual enrollment is that students are exempt from all registration, application, matriculation or lab fees.

What about textbooks?
Public school students receive books and instructional materials free of charge. However, students enrolled in home school programs or private secondary schools are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.

What courses can I take?
Students can take dual enrollment courses at their high school or at one of Valencia's four campuses. While courses at the high school are limited to certain basic subjects, course offerings at Valencia include any of several thousand courses that are three credit hours or more, in topics ranging from computers to e-business to film to culinary management.

When are they offered?
Dual enrollment classes are offered before, during and after school hours, and also over summer break.

How many high school credits are awarded for dual enrollment courses?
Typically, six college credit hours earned in a semester through dual enrollment will equal one high school credit. However, for some dual enrollment courses, three credit hours will equal one high school credit. Students should check with their guidance counselor for further details on how dual enrollment courses apply to high school graduation requirements.

Will credits transfer to other colleges and universities?
Yes. Thanks to Florida's common course numbering system, dual enrollment credits may be used toward a Valencia degree or transferred to any state college or university. Students who plan to transfer to private colleges in Florida or other institutions outside the state of Florida will find that the application of transfer credits to general education and degree programs will vary depending on the school.

Will I be considered a Valencia student after I graduate from high school?
Yes. Whether you plan on attending Valencia full-time or as a transient student from a state university, you will not have to apply for admission upon registering for classes. The application process is completed once you sign up for dual enrollment classes.

How do I sign up?
First, check with your high school guidance counselor or school district office to make sure dual enrollment is offered at your school. Then complete a dual enrollment application and a Valencia admissions application. For more information on the course selection process, contact Valencia's Dual Enrollment office at 407-299-5000, ext. 1600.